The Best Exam Study Music for Every Study Style

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What music do you listen to while you’re studying? Some people prefer to study in silence, which can be a great choice, but for those who like some music in the background, finding your ideal “study tune genre” can be tough. The music you listen to can help you focus or it might create added distractions. It’s important to figure out which music is right for your study style.

We asked some of our students for their favorites while hitting the books. If one of these songs tops your list, think of making a playlist of similar songs to help get you through this exam period.

For the happy studier who wants to bop their head and look on the bright side

 “Sunday Best” by Surfaces

This song is the favorite of Lincoln ’21 who says it is a great song to “get you in the zone.” You can’t help but smile while listening to this Alternative/Pop Rock choice. There is no doubt that, after this jam, you will be ready to take on the world one smile at a time.

For the energetic student who wants to keep motivated

“4 Minutes” by Madonna and Justin Timberlake

Julia ’23 says she likes to study to this uptempo throwback song because she knows all the words. Though sometimes it makes her want to dance, it motivates her to get her homework done. If you don’t think you will be able to resist the urge to move to this dance-pop song, then go with something more chill and save this for a study break dance party.

For the chill student who wants to escape to the islands

“Is This Love” by Bob Marley

For Pierson ’21, this song is calming and reminds him of summers on Martha’s Vineyard. Cruising around with his dad in their small, antique Boston Whaler, this song and album are perfect with the waves and fun. Even without a personal connection to this song, this classic reggae beat is a great way to feel like you have your feet in the sand while your head is in a book.

For the music-loving student who wants to groove to a driving beat

“Tadow” by FKJ and Masego 

Sax player Evan ’21 might have a soft spot for the saxophone riffs in this song. He feels this is great study music because it “is somewhat simple so you don’t get too caught up in it. But it still has a nice melodic line to listen to.” There are also limited vocals. If you are someone that gets easily distracted by the words, but you still want to be able to sway to the beat, this is a great choice.

For the carefree student who wants steady background music

“Young Blood” by Noah Kahan

Hadley ’22 loves this song because “it is upbeat but it stays in the background well.” This folk-infused pop song provides steady rhythms and melodies without being distracting. You might find yourself stopping to sing a few words, but mostly this mellow style will keep you humming along through your notes.

For the classic student who wants to avoid lyrical distraction

“Where’s My Love – Piano Solo” by Piano Tribute Players

Augusta ’19 just completed her first semester exams at Saint Andrew University thanks to the soft sounds of piano instrumentals. They are a perfect choice when studying for History or English exams so as not to be distracted by lyrics. You can choose instrumentals of songs you know, or mix it up with some of those you don’t. Either way, you can be sure your studies won’t take a back seat.

Thanks to all of our Huskies for their suggestions! Happy studying and good luck!

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