What’s Up on the Weekends?

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Throughout the week, our students find ways to make use of every moment of their day. They shoot early morning hoops before breakfast, meet with faculty for help on their homework, engage in co-curricular activities that interest them, or spend extra time in the recording studio. And if they find something we don’t offer, they take action to implement it. Our students work hard. And for that, our Student Life Office, in conjunction with our student activities committee, ensures a program of weekend activities that lets them play hard.

On any given weekend, the list of activities ranges from artistic to athletic, from playful to intellectual. We host activities on campus that take advantage of facilities, as well as arrange trips to nearby attractions that allow students to explore the world around them.  There are also several more practical activities scheduled for the students who wish to replenish their dorm room necessities. Here is a list of some of our favorite and most popular weekend activities to date!

Ice Climbing

When the Mt. Washington Ice Climbing Festival called, New Hampton answered. Interested students were able to try ice climbing for the first time and spend the day outside in the beautiful wilderness that surrounds our campus.

Open Skate

Even if you don’t possess the skills to dawn a Husky hockey jersey, there is an opportunity for all Husky’s to lace up their skates and have some fun on the ice. Staff and faculty families will often take advantage of having such a great arena on campus as well, bringing there little Husky Pups out to teach them how to skate!

Weekend activities always include runs to local coffee shops like Dunkin' Donuts.

Dunks Run

Not all weekend activities are groundbreaking and life-altering. One of the favorites among all students is a good old fashioned trip through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through. There is usually at least one “Dunks Run” scheduled per day on the weekends to give students a boost to get them through the rest of the items on this list.

Hot Pot

Organized by the International Support Program in conjunction with the dining staff, students were able to experience traditional hot pot with all the fixings right here on campus. It was a delicious way to share a fun cultural tradition.

Fabric Dyeing

For students who like getting crafty on the weekends, Art faculty Julie Periera is always up for hosting a creative activity. In this fabric dyeing workshop, Julie taught students how to create patterned textiles that they could later use for other projects. While fabric dyeing isn’t always on the docket, you can expect at least one artistic activity on the weekends.

Weekend activities often include the chance to see a game at home or on the road by fan bus.

Husky Howling

Saturday is a big game day on campus. If you are in the mood to catch a game, you can bet that the Husky Howlers will be there in full force to support our teams. It is a great way to come together as a community, make a new friend, and show your Husky pride.

There is always something new on the schedule, and we can’t wait to see what student activities will pop up next weekend!

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