January Spotlights: Creating, Imagining, Innovating

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Whether diving into academics, leading their peers on the ice, or launching a fun project, students have been busy this January, finding creative ways to engage indoors and out throughout the winter months. Our January spotlights focus on the Habit of Mind of creating, imagining and innovating. These people are those who are open to new ideas, examine alternative possibilities, take healthy risks and push boundaries creatively. Please join us in congratulating the following community members for their achievements.

January Spotlights Student of the Month Truesdale
Charlie Truesdale ’22 was recognized as the January Student of the Month for his creative problem solving and perseverance in math class.

Student of the Month

New Hampton School is proud to recognize Charlie Truesdale ’22 for consistently keeping an open mind. In his math class, Charlie assess various ways to solve mathematical equations. He is always open to trying new techniques and works to use new ways that may be more effective for him to understand the process. For taking risks in his class and trying alternative ideas, Charlie is deserving of this award.

NHS January Athlete of the Month
Bas Leyte ’20 is recognized as the January Male Athlete of the Month for his leadership and positive attitude on the Men’s Varsity A Basketball Team.

Male Athlete of the Month

The January Male Athlete of the Month goes to a member of the Varsity A Basketball Team. This player has been a key leader for the Huskies on and off the court all season long. His consistent positive attitude, energy, work ethic and toughness in practices and games have helped the Huskies improve day in and day out. Over the last 8 games he has had averages of 13.6 points, 8.3 rebounds and is shooting 56% from the field. This has helped the men’s squad to a 6-2 record over that stretch.

He is the anchor of an improving Husky defense and takes on multiple roles on the court. This player has guarded many different positions and often will match up on teams’ top interior threats. For his impact on and off the court, the Male Athlete of the Month goes to Bas Leyte ’20.

NHS Female Athlete of the Month Dublois
Lauren DeBlois ’19 achieved the January Female Athlete of the Month for her leadership, strength and consistency on the Women’s Varsity Hockey Team.

Female Athlete of the Month

The January Female Athlete of the Month goes to a member of the Varsity Women’s Hockey Team. This player has been absolutely dominant on the blue line shutting down the opponent’s best forwards night in and night out helping the Huskies to an 8-2-1 record in the month of January and ranking as high as #6 in division 1 play. Along with the steady D play, she consistently makes clean break out passes and quick transition plays allowing the forward to attack the offensive zone with speed! In the month of January, she also helped the scoring by adding 4 goals and 8 assists for 12 points during that 11-game stretch in January!

This player is the backbone of the team with strong and consistent leadership and steady play. She has been instrumental in helping set the hockey team up for a strong stretch! For her leadership and quality play, the January Female Athlete of the Month goes to Lauren DeBlois ’19.

NHS Writer of the Month January
Matias Urruela Toriello ’21 achieved the January Writer of the Month for his creativity and organization in his research paper about Toyota, part of a multi-faceted project in English class.

Writer of the Month

Sophomore students in Mr. Tobin’s class are working on a year-long project that requires each student to select their own topic of study. This project is modeled after the company Google, where employees spend 20% of their work week investigating a topic or idea they are curious and passionate about.

This particular student is researching the history of Toyota. In his most recent addition to this project he completed a research paper that required him to gather at least three credible sources and include relevant, informative information about the history of Toyota. His creative research paper included information that helped the reader to understand the history of Toyota. The articulate and detailed language within this paper helps the reader to understand why and how Toyota has created such a solid name and reputation. For this impressive research paper, the January writer of the month goes to Matias Urruela Toriello ’21.

January Spotlights feature NHS Staff of the Month Tamara Mann
Tamara Mann was voted Staff of the Month for her innovation and creativity in the Country Store.

Staff of the Month

This month’s Staff of the Month has been working tirelessly all year long to make our students happy at the country store. This month’s Habits of Mind are creating, innovating, and imagining. This staff member has exemplified these traits in her building of the new country store. Playing a large role in its creative renovation and being constantly dedicated to innovative ways to making it better day by day, she has made a difference this year.

Aside from her obviously great food, she always has a smile that radiates throughout the country store. Greeting everyone with friendly remarks and conversation no matter how early in the morning it is. She makes it difficult to leave the country store without a smile on your own face. For her dedication to being creative, innovative, and using her imagination to make the students’ experiences great every day, the Staff of the Month award goes to Tamara Mann.

January Spotlights features NHS Faculty of the Month Charlie Smith
Art faculty member Charlie Smith was honored with the January Faculty of the Month award.

Faculty of the Month

The faculty of the month for January is a member of the arts department. He helps his students discover new talents and encourages them to try new techniques. As a teacher he continues to create his own works. He takes the time to think of new projects and trips to take his students on to better their understanding of the ceramic world. For his creative ability, imagination, and his dedication to coming up with innovative ideas and experiences for his students, the January faculty of the month goes to Mr. Smith.

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