October Spotlights

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Continuing the tradition of positive praise, October’s Spotlights have demonstrated exemplary behavior in the classroom or on the field and are role models of the community. Congratulations to all of the students spotlighted in the month of October!

Student of the Month

The Habit of Mind for the month of October is Collaboration: Someone who listens with understanding and empathy, and respects and considers others’ input and perspective. New Hampton School is proud to recognize Mohammed Alausa for how he exhibits leadership skills in a group, ensuring all group member opinions are heard and incorporated. Mohammed seeks out diverse ideas, holds others accountable, interacts positively with peers and is respected by team members.

Writer of the Month

It seems seasonally appropriate to bring the great New England horror writer Stephen King into the conversation about October’s writer of the month. To quote King, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

October’s writer of the month isn’t being awarded to virtuosic poetry or luxuriant prose. This month’s award celebrates the value of hard work. In her analytical responses to Grimm’s fairy tales, this writer demonstrated exemplary discipline and focus. In recognition of her effort and growth as a writer, it is my pleasure to award October’s writer of the month to Lily McAdams.

Athletes of the Month

The October Female Athlete of the Month is a member of the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team. This athlete has been phenomenal in anchoring the defense for the team. She has a measured but tenacious presence; cautiously holding the backline but ready to pounce at any moment. Her leadership in the back has helped New Hampton to develop one of the best offside traps in the league, constantly frustrating opposing attackers. She times her tackles to perfection and has only been beaten on the dribble on a handful of occasions all season. She tackles hard, wins balls in the air, anticipates and cuts off through balls, and has the pace to keep up with the speediest opposing forwards. She leaves it all on the field and frequently comes off at the end of matches muddy and bloody! A true warrior in every sense. The October the Female Athlete of the Month goes to, Center back, Sera Hodgson.

The October Male Athlete of the Month is a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team. He displays tremendous leadership and unrelenting resilience in every training session and every game. It comes as no surprise that this student-athlete continues to pave the way forward for his teammates through his communication, play, and work ethic. During any game you watch, you will see this player making multiple goal-line saves and storming up the field to jumpstart the offense. His teammates and coaches consistently look to him for guidance and leadership in both the difficult moments and the celebratory ones. For his leadership and outstanding performances in October, the Male Athlete of the Month goes to Will Wood.

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