New Hampton October Birthday Celebration

October Community Spotlights

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October Spotlights

We have much to celebrate from October, including the exceptional contributions of several students, faculty and staff in our community. This year, New Hampton School has placed an emphasis on developing Habits of Mind in the classroom. The Habit of Mind for month of October is Collaborator. Each month, the community recognizes a student, faculty and staff member that embody one of the Habits of Mind.


A Collaborator listens with understanding and empathy. They respect and are open to considering others’ input and perspective. They show initiative to work productively with other students.

October Spotlights: Collaboration Student of the Month
October’s student of the month was recognized for their excellence in and modeling of the Habit of Mind, collaboration.

Student of the Month

New Hampton School is proud to recognize Hannah Hibbert for her ability to carefully consider what her classmates say and then build off of what others have added. She respects the variety of cultures represented and wants to learn more about those who have a different background to her. Hannah will happily work with anyone and will direct the group to ensure a complete understanding is achieved. She genuinely wants to know her classmates and who they are. She actively looks to work with different people and always brings the group up. Her positivity yet realistic nature makes her classmates respect her and want to work with her. Hannah is a genuine team player in every sense of the word.

Faculty of the Month

October’s Faculty of the Month is someone whose job as an athletic trainer requires them to work and communicate fluidly with countless athletes, coaches, and people outside of this community. Adam Tyson can always be found in the training room with excellent advice and help for all types of injuries. At the same time, he radiates positivity and encouragement to everyone he sees. Teaching a hands-on sports medicine class on the side, he manages to keep students engaged and eager to learn.

Mr. Tyson has been described as someone who can make you smile even when you’re in a lot of pain. He is always looking for ways to be better at what he does, and there is no question that he does all he can to ensure the well-being of his athletes and students. For his kindness and dedication to the well-being of all of us, the Faculty of the Month is Adam Tyson

Staff of the Month

This staff member exemplifies the characteristics of a collaborator. He communicates effectively and works diligently with tour guides to make sure they are comfortable and ready to guide families. He even does his best to work with our schedules when he needs someone to give a tour. In addition, he listens and values our feedback and implements some of our ideas. Moreover, this member of Husky Nation is an all-around positive presence on campus. He is a friendly face in the dining hall, and he is always at games cheering on our teams. For all that he does for our community, the Staff of the Month is Mr. Simons.

October Spotlights: New Hampton Athlete of the Month
Anna was recognized as Athlete of the Month for consistency, strength and leadership.

Female Athlete

The October Female Athlete of the Month is a member of the Women’s Varsity Soccer Team. In the month of October, Anna Shelden was the rock of the team’s midfield. She is relentless on defense and made some incredible tackles. She takes players on easily and is patient over the ball. She was also impossible to push off the ball, always holding her ground confidently and looking to play the ball to her teammates’ feet. She is a strong communicator and a natural leader who holds herself and the team to a high standard through her work ethic.

Anna scored her first Husky goal of her career on her birthday vs. Hebron Academy off a well-placed shot from the top of the box. We hope that it will be the first of many goals she scores in the rest of her career as a Husky! For her leadership and outstanding performances in October the Female Athlete of the Month goes to Anna Sheldon.

October Spotlights: Male Athlete of the Month
Caleb brought outstanding plan and leadership to the Men’s Varsity Soccer team this past fall.

Male Athlete

The October Male Athlete of the Month is a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer Team. Caleb Dugan was a tremendous leader all year but especially in the month of October. He was instrumental in the success of the men’s soccer team by scoring several key goals and generating important assists. Most importantly, his leadership was key, and his teammates have come to depend on his tenacity and consistent play. He continued to earn Player of the Game recognition from his teammates for his performance and positive energy. In the 3-2 win against Brewster Academy, this player showed amazing drive and skill that helped the Huskies come away with an important win. For his leadership and outstanding performances in October the Male Athlete of the Month goes to Caleb Duggan.

October Spotlights: New Hampton Writer of the Month
English Department Chair B Cornog recognized Augusta for her exceptional writing, balancing big ideas with the details.


The October Writer of the Month was awarded to Augusta Truesdale. Throughout the first two months of school, Augusta strived to find clarity and beauty in language, using her own writing to share appreciation for the words of others. Of Katherine Mansfield she writes that Mansfield is able to “focus on small, realistic scenes that any reader could imagine occurring in real life and impart simple lessons that remind them of the ongoing struggle of being human.” This student balances the big ideas with the details and is inexhaustible in her intuition. For her reflection on the writing of Katherine Mansfield and her ongoing efforts as a writer, the October Writer of the Month Award goes to Augusta Truesdale.

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