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Student Spotlight – Artists, Athletes and Lifelong Learners

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Each month, students are selected for embracing qualities and characteristics representative of Husky Nation, our mission and our student body. The students below role-modeled what it means to be a Husky in the first month of the school. Some are students that have been here for several years, others just arrived. All are setting the stage for a wonderful year ahead.

Student Writer

This month, students in AP English Language were asked to write a personal narrative using the following parameters “include specific details to make the incident come alive for your reader, focus on re-creating an incident that happened over a short period of time, and conveys a particular mood.”

The following is an excerpt, taken from the piece chosen for the September Writing of the Month.

“Thud.  Thud.  Thud. The visitor was undoubtedly my mother. The way people grow accustomed to others’ knocks is peculiar. Knocks are person-specific. Regardless of how similar different knocks may sound, our ears have a knack for sensing the tiny rhythmic differences between knocks produced by different people. Knocks, more obviously, are also representative of a person’s emotions. “

For his use of dialogue, descriptive language, and control of syntax Jackson Kyser ’18 is recognized as the September Writer of the Month.

Jackson Kyser is recognized as the September Writer of the Month.
Jackson Kyser ’18,  September Writer of the Month, with English faculty B Cornog.

Female Athlete

Zola Braswell ’20, a member of the Varsity Soccer Team, is September’s Female Athlete of the Month.  As one of the younger goalies in the league, she made a huge impact since the beginning of the year.  Zola is aggressive off her line and comes out to challenge breakaways. Since the start of the season, she stopped 3 breakaways and made upwards of 20 excellent saves. She stepped up as a leader and is vocal about changes the team needs to make on the field. Through and through, Zola is an extremely supportive teammate, an eager learner, and a force to be reckoned with in the net.

Zola Braswell from her strength and sportsmanship on the Varsity Soccer Team.
Zola Braswell ’20, Women’s Varsity Soccer, with Assistant Athletic Director Jenna Simon.

Male Athlete

Guthrie Little ’17, a member of the Varsity Soccer Team, is awarded Male Athlete of the Month. Starting at center back, a position that does not provide many scoring opportunities, he scored 3 goals in the team’s first 5 games, while also leading the team to less than one goal against per game average. He did this while also marking the opposing team’s best attacking player. Against Holderness and again at Proctor, Guthrie did such a great job marking the other teams center forward that by the end of the game, both players were subbed off because they made no impact on the game. As a second-year captain, Guthrie is one of the best captains the soccer program has had. He is a leader that gives his teammates confidence through his toughness and his composure.

Guthrie Little '17 is recognized for his leadership and consistency on the Varsity Soccer Team.
Guthrie Little ’17, Men’s Varsity Soccer, with Assistant Athletic Director Jenna Simon.

Artist of the Month

The September Artist of the Month recognizes a junior who is new to Husky Nation this fall. Emily White ’19 has impressed many with her singing, piano, and songwriting talents. She is a passionate and creative musician who has contributed significantly to Contemporary Performance Labs, with a solid start to the school year. Director of Music Mr. Masterson writes, “I am impressed with her originality and unique singing style that is all her own.”

Emily White is awarded September Artist of the Month for her musical passion, talent and enthusiasm.
Emily White ’19 is awarded September Artist of the Month for her musical passion, talent, and enthusiasm. Pictured with Director of Music Kyle Masterson.

Learner Profile – Inquirer

Each month, New Hampton School recognizes a student, elected by the faculty, for embracing qualities of a Husky Nation Student and modeling different, yet important, characteristics of being a lifelong learner.

The Learner Profile word of the month is Inquirer: “They nurture their curiosity, developing skills for inquiry and research. They know how to learn independently and with others. They learn with enthusiasm and sustain their love of learning throughout life.”

For September, New Hampton School recognized Ercan Dal ’18 for consistently seeking out his teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the material he is studying. Ecran demonstrates a genuine interest in his learning through his engagement during class discussion and his active questioning. He is a passionate and curious learner dedicated to working hard in all of his classes.

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