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Celebrating Habits of Mind, Athletic Leadership, the Arts and Writing

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Looking back on the winter months there are many significant student accomplishments. Here, we highlight impressive student performances on the snow and ice, on the stage, and across campus.

March Student of the Month
Jameson received recognition for the Habit of Mind Preparation and Self Management which he exemplified through his actions and insight, acting as a positive role model for his peers.

Student of the Month

The Habit of Mind of February and March is Preparation and Self-Management: a student develops and implements strategies to solve a problem or task. They self-regulate their use of technology and think before acting or speaking.

New Hampton School is proud to recognize Jameson Goff for being a problem solver, a thoughtful person, and an engaging student. He regulates his emotions and behavior in a variety of situations. Jameson never needs to be spoken to about technology use, and he actively works to solve problems or complete a task while helping others do so as well. He is a role model for his peers in and out of the classroom.

February Writer of the Month

The writer of the month goes to a student in IB HL 1. This student, when tasked with writing a satire of something of their choosing, crafted a humorous, well written, and entertaining parody of supernatural, young adult novels. Her exaggeration of superfluous imagery, adverbs, clichéd romance, and Fortnite references demonstrated a clear understanding of both effective and ineffective prose. Her dialogue choices also illustrated an awareness of exaggeration and melodrama present in contemporary young adult fiction. The jokes she wrote were economical and employed techniques such as reversal, incongruence, and parody to arrive at a fitting punch line. Though written in the style of fan fiction and deliberately cringe-worthy, her story demonstrated a fantastic awareness of fiction writing styles, tropes, and technique. The writer of the month is awarded to Eva Petschek.

March Writer of the Month New Hampton
Maddy was awarded writer of the month for her precision and clarity when summarizing a text and making connections.

March Writer of the Month

The March Writer of the Month recipient goes to a student in Mr. Conkling’s Honors European Literature and Composition class. After reading George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, students were asked to find current news events with similar themes and to make connections with the book. (As you can imagine, there are many recurring themes from 1984 in today’s news, and this made for many intriguing class discussions.)

The writing assignment was to summarize a selected news article, then explain the connection to the relevant theme in 1984. This student picked a lengthy article about brainwashing in North Korea and concisely summarized the details while clearly explaining how brainwashing was utilized in the story. Her ability to precisely describe the connection between the two different pieces of writing highlight her strength as a sophisticated, young writer and prove her ability to take what she has learned from reading and analyzing and express her thoughts clearly in her writing. The March Writer of the Month was awarded to Maddy Young.

February Athlete of the Month
Alex had an exceptional season as an undefeated slopestyle rider in her conference. Her talent, dedication, and attitude all helped bring her success.

Female Athlete of the Month

The February/March female athlete of the month goes to a member of the snowboard team. Don’t let her small size fool you; this rider is a fast thrill-seeker. She had an undefeated winter season in all slopestyle events this year. It’s safe to say that she is the best female slopestyle rider in the Lakes Region. During competitions, she battled through kinked rails and launched off jumps from which others shied away. She took first place in every slopestyle competition this year at Crotched, Cannon, Blackwater, and Okemo Mountain.

During our rail jam competition, she relentlessly hiked the course and put together progressive rail combinations. At the end of the day, she was doing snow-angels, tired and satisfied that she left everything she had on the course. During our Lakes Region Competition, she pushed herself by flying off some of the biggest jumps and rails of the season. What’s the best part about this rider? She’s only a sophomore, and we have two more years to see her bring home more hardware to Husky Nation. She is always asking questions to help her progress her skills and style. For her undefeated season, amazing ability and positive attitude the February/March Athlete of the Month is Alexa Mailloux.

February Male Athlete of the Month New Hampton
Oak had an impressive hockey season, carefully managing an injury to get him back in the game where he was a crucial player in the final weeks of the season.

Male Athlete of the Month

The February/March Male Athlete of the Month goes to a member of the Men’s Varsity Hockey team. This young man led the way offensively, scoring eight goals while adding four assists for twelve points in February. Despite being hampered by injury, the thought of not playing never crossed his mind. He worked hard with Mr. Tyson and Ms. McClure in the training room as well as going to the pool with Coach Mure to be able to play and contribute to the team, each game.

During an important game against Proctor Academy, which helped the Huskies earn a spot in the Lakes Region and Small School Tournament, this player had two points, including the game-winning goal to cap off an impressive third-period comeback. In the Small School Quarterfinals against Rivers School, this student was the best player on the ice. He scored a hat trick for the Huskies. Instrumental to our team on the ice, this student unsurprisingly committed to play hockey at Dartmouth College. For his clutch performances and outstanding abilities, the Athlete of the Month is Oak MacLeod.

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