Holiday Wishlist: 10 Must-Haves for Campus Life this Holiday Season

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Wondering what to gift your Husky this holiday season? While some of our students are well-versed in packing for boarding school, there are inevitably some can’t-live-without items that end up on holiday wish lists no matter how prepared they are. We have compiled a list of gifts that our students never knew they needed until showing up on campus.

1. Framed photos of the Fam!

Our students make lifelong friends and form a tight-knit community of peers during their time here. However, regardless of how much fun they are having, every student can go through moments of feeling homesick and missing their family and friends back home. Get your group together for a picture and gift your Husky some dorm room artwork this season.

2. An iPad Case

Being an Apple Distinguished School, our students are fortunate to receive a new iPad upon registration. A basic case is provided, but if they want theirs to stand out from the crowd—get it a cute outfit! These cases are not only good looking but also functional with features like stands and keyboards to increase productivity.

3. A Wireless Speaker

Music is an important part of our community. It is a universal language that can find common ground between people, elevate the mood and serve as the backdrop for an impromptu dance party. If your Husky is looking to jam out with some housemates, then a wireless speaker is a great gift.

4. AirPods

While turning the houses into a scene from High School Musical is fun, there are times when music lovers want to listen to their tunes privately. Airpods are great for the athlete who needs to get in the zone during warm-ups, the artist who likes to feel inspired while creating, or the student who wants to soothe their mind while studying.

5.  A Sled

It is that time of year! With several inches of snow on campus already, winter boots have become a daily staple and students are itching to partake in everyone’s favorite winter activity. Sledding! Packing your best friends into a sled and tumbling down the hill onto the lower fields never gets old. So, gift a sled this year and support some good old fashioned winter fun. Followed by hot chocolate, of course.

6. Netflix and Popcorn!

Our students keep busy, there is no doubt about it. Between arts, academics, athletics, clubs, and co-curriculars, there aren’t many free moments. So, when they find themselves with an afternoon off on a chilly February day, what better than to enjoy a movie with friends? A Netflix subscription and some microwave popcorn can combat even the harshest winter weather.

7. A Husky Hoodie

There is no such thing as too many hoodies. And, what better way to show Husky pride than by sporting a New Hampton hoodie at one of our winter athletics games. A classic hoodie from the Campus Store only gets better with age so it will be a steadfast wardrobe favorite for many years to come.

8. An Apple Pencil

Our students conduct the majority of their classwork from their iPads and any tool that can aid them in being more effective is always good. The Apple pencil allows students to take hand-written notes and drawings in a place that is integrated with the rest of their coursework. For Huskies interested in the digital arts, an Apple pencil is a great gift that gives more control of their craft and can turn a freehand drawing into a digital masterpiece, opening up a whole new work of artistry for your budding imagineers.

9. A Country Store Gift Card

The on-campus Country Store is a great place to grab a snack, some coffee between classes or the “best breakfast sandwich ever!” It is a great place to laugh with friends during a free block and a cozy place to study if you are looking for a change in scenery. For many Huskies, this is one gift card that will not disappoint.

10. An iPhone Photo Printer

While we try our best to capture the most important moments on campus through New Hampton’s online Flickr account, only the student themself can truly document their New Hampton experience. A photo printer can help them capture their time here and keep it for a lifetime. Don’t forget a corkboard so they can display their photos in their room!


One gift we couldn’t leave off of this list is a journal. A Husky’s years at New Hampton School will be some of the best years of their lives and what they learn here will be carried with them for a lifetime. While we hope to remember every hilarious dinner conversation with friends, the feeling after conquering a tough math lesson and the comradery of rushing the court after an intense NHS basketball game win, the truth is that some of those memories will fade. So, gift a journal this season and give the gift of Husky moments.

Happiest Holidays from New Hampton School.

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