Project Week 2019; Final Reflections from the Field

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Project Week 2019 was full of discovery, collaboration, exploration and new experiences. Groups began wrapping up their Projects on Saturday, but a few are still off campus enjoying final experiences abroad.

NHS Sailing Reflections
Through sailing in the US Virgin Islands students learned about charting, navigation and group dynamics.

Sailing the British Virgin Islands

Students sailing in the US Virgin Island learned about charting, ocean currents and weather patterns as they sailed two catamarans around the island. They also gained a better understanding of communication and group dynamics as they and their peers acted as the crew on each of their boats.

Goodbyes are hard after a week at Kurn Hattin, but students forged unforgettable relationships.

Kids Helping Kids; Kurn Hattin, Vermont

Our group at Kurn Hattin in Vermont spent a week building relationships with young children as teachers, friends, mentors and coaches. They worked together with students to put on a performance, design craft projects, and share their knowledge. Reflection was facilitated by our Student Life Team and the good-byes at the end of the week were difficult. Kurn Hattin has been an ongoing Project Week opportunity that is often powerful for our students.

Lacrosse the Nations Project Week Reflections
Students are proud of the work they accomplished in Costa Rica including helping to repaint a local elementary school.

Led 2 Serve; Service in Costa Rica

Led to Serve Service in Costa Rica learned about service, culture and community. They worked at a local elementary school where they played field games and also helped paint the buildings. They also learned about the local agriculture on a farming expedition where they helped plant 100% organic trees and vegetables.

New Hampton Project Week Blacksmithing_6
Blacksmithing is both an art and a trade, one that these student thoroughly enjoyed learning during their project week.

Mastering a Trade; Blacksmithing

Based on the photos, it looks as though some of our students have mastered the trade of Blacksmithing! Metalwork was a new project for New Hampton School and it was a huge success. These students spent a week learning the basic skills to forge metal from experienced professionals.

New Hampton Project Week Genealogy
Final reflections from Genealogy include thoughts about their heritage and ancestry.

Understanding our Origins; Geneaology

Genealogy students walked away from their group with a solid understanding of genes and their individual heritage. Their week included consultations with professionals in the medical and law enforcement fields as they gained an understanding for heritage, lineage and forensics.

The photos, smiles, and blog all help to tell the story of project week, which is customized to each individual and the opportunities they had on their trip. You can learn more about our students’ adventures in all of these locations.

Students learning about conscious living in California volunteered at the Marin County Foodbank, while in Morocco, students participated in homestays with local families. Mealtime through a cultural lens tested a variety of cuisines throughout the week and learned food preparation and cooking techniques from several different countries. Six Nations Reserve traveled back to New Hampton by way of Niagra Falls, and Humor Writing crafted stories for Open Mic Night at the nearby Purple Pit. One project group received their lifeguarding certification after a week of training in Concord, New Hampshire. No matter the experience, each was memorable and helps us cultivate lifelong learners who will serve as active global citizens.

Following spring break, students will return to campus and gather with their project week group one more time. At the Project Week Symposium, each group will share a lesson that they learned with the community. A few will share personal reflections, and all will watch a slideshow that captures some highlights from each project, only scraping the surface of the memorable and lasting experiences had by all of our students.

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