New Hampton Diving In to Morocco

Project Week Day 3: Diving In to an Essential Question

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On day three of Project Week 2019, students are fully immersed in understanding their group’s essential question, taking action, asking questions, and learning through their experience.

New Hampton Project Week Morocco
Exploration begins over their first meal as students finally arrive in Morocco.

Gateway to Africa: Morocco Exploration

After a slight delay, students are on the ground in Morocco, beginning their cultural experience and asking the question “What is the danger of a single story” and how has this impacted Moroccan culture and community.

New Hampton National Geographic Project Week
Entrepreneurship in New York City students meet with Matt Brenner from National Geographic and learn about producing the film Free Solo.

Entrepreneurship in New York City

An entrepreneurial focused group of students are learning about start-ups, economics, and business in New York City. Yesterday they met with Matt Brenner from National Geographic, the Executive Producer of the film Free Solo which recently won an Oscar.

New Hampton Project Week Surf Rider
In Rincon, Puerto Rico, student begin their day with a surf lesson, and introduction to the water and environment that surrounds them.

Service Learning through Surfrider

Students had a surf lesson in Rincon, Puerto Rico as they explore the environment and the water that influence Island life and culture through Surfrider.

Project Week Super Natural Ouija Board
The Ouija Board has long been a favorite activity for youth as they explore the Super Natural.

The Super Natural

Nearby, the Super Natural group is having fun exploring beliefs, legends and all things super natural. Yesterday they had a fun session with the Ouija Board.

New Hampton Students US Coast Guard Project Week
Diving into exploring the waters around us, New Hampton Students visit the US Coast Guard in New London, CT.

Diving In; Exploring the Waters Around Us

Part of learning about our local water ways and our relationship with water in New England included a trip to the US Coast Guard station in New London, Connecticut, and a trip to the Boston Aquarium.

New Hampton Habitat Pemi Valley Project Week
Learning practical skills, service and helping others, students have already built several structures as part of their work with Habitat for Humanity in the Pemi-Valley.

Habitat for Humanity; The Pemi Valley

Also nearby, students have been working hard in partnership with the Pemi-Valley Habitat for Humanity Group. They have built several chicken coups and picnic tables that are for sale at the Plymouth ReStore.

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