Technology and Learning

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What does an effective use of technology look like in the classroom?

New Hampton School set out to truly understand this concept more than 10 years ago when we launched a 1:1 pilot program for the 9th-grade class. Since then, we’ve transitioned¬†to an entire school with a 1:1 iPad relationship, faculty included. From there, New Hampton went on to place Apple TVs in every classroom and further, purchase classroom desks and configurations that would specifically support a mobile, technology equipped collaborative learning space.

We spent time over the summer reflecting on how students and faculty use technology in the classroom. From our Board of Trustees to incoming students, the entire community shares a vision to put technology to use as a tool that can help us work together as learners, but also individualize each student’s experience to meet their needs.

Collaboration in the classroom takes on many different forms. With Apple TVs in every room, faculty and students can take turns sharing their work with the entire class by displaying their screen from iPad to tv. A faculty could share a problem, and then a student can “tap” into the TV and share the problem they are working to complete. Students working during study hall from separate houses can work on the same project through specific apps. Kahoot is a common tool used to assess individual understanding of a concept, engage everyone in a quiz or review, and have some fun.

At New Hampton School, we recognize that each student learns differently. Students use their iPad’s as organizational, note-taking, and processing tools. As each student processes information in their own way, some students will use their devices to dictate notes rather than write, others might read slowly and they are able to listen to a book or article rather than visually read it page by page.

As talented and eager faculty, teachers at New Hampton School employ their devices in a myriad of ways. One of the greatest features is the ability to move about the classroom while instructing students through a lesson while still interacting with the presentation. The enhancements of a connected classroom are not limited to mobility as faculty can also easily pass documents back and forth through Airdrop, collect materials electronically, find apps that make learning fun and applicable, and most importantly, know that with everyone using the same application system, there is ample support for connectivity and technology.

Learn more about how New Hampton School uses technology for learning and teaching on our website.

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