Underclass Awards 2022; Honoring Rising Leaders and Scholars

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Next week, the Class of 2022 enters a full week of celebrations leading up to Commencement. But first, the school took an evening to recognize our freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The Underclass Awards honors students who have made impactful contributions in academics, athletics, arts, and service. These students will often be looked to next year to step up as leaders for the school, offering their talents and experience to embrace and exhibit the values of New Hampton School, while also carrying on the traditions and culture as role models for future classes.

Head of School Joe Williams addressed the crowd of students and faculty with a reflection on the year and the importance of marking the celebration of a year-long effort by all students.

“Tonight, we recognize individual achievement and leadership, the result of consistent and focused effort, putting oneself out there to try, being open to feedback that you act on to enhance your personal growth. And while we celebrate individuals tonight, what I appreciate about this community is how much you all enjoy celebrating each other’s accomplishments. That speaks to your friendships, your understanding for what it takes to achieve at the highest levels, and your respect—treating others the way you would want to be treated or recognized for your good work. Tonight, we celebrate that great quality that you all demonstrate week in and week out.

“I thank you all for your hard work this year, which I recognize is sometimes hard to sustain yet so necessary. Through it all, I hope you have come to appreciate the value of consistency, in your effort, attitude, and output—all things you have control over that make your experience more manageable and enjoyable. Academic success breeds confidence that enhances every other aspect of your time at New Hampton School.

“Whether you graduate next week, are returning next year as a sophomore, or are somewhere in between, don’t ever overlook the importance of your academic performance, what it says about your character, and what it means to your future, for it is the foundation that everything else is built upon.”

Following Mr. Williams, Director of Studies Jennifer McMahon shared her opening remarks as she reflected on the year’s theme of “Together Again” and how the community embraced that theme through many revived traditions and shared experiences. She notes, “The positive energy that you brought to these experiences made New Hampton a better place in times of uncertainty. Together we created an experience that made us stronger.”

Celebrating all areas of student life

The program followed with recognition of the Class of 2023 IB Diploma Candidates, service awards, academic awards, art awards, honor board chair, proctor appointments, house citizens, International Student Ambassadors, Class Co-Presidents, Student Body Co-Presidents, as well as Green and White Team captains for next year.

Closing words

Following a thoughtful ceremony celebrating many accomplished students, Director of Global Programs Jonathan Schwab had the honor of sharing closing remarks.

“I want to leave you all with a parting thought. I’ve always been one to love a good countdown, so to the class of 2022, only 9 more sleeps until you graduate. To the underclassmen, only 116 days until the first day of classes in the fall!

“As mentioned earlier, our theme for next year is “Gratitude in Action”. And it is time to start living that theme, now. Class of 2022, make sure you take the time to express and show your gratitude to those who have helped you along the way. Underclassmen, you have the ability to set the tone now for the type of year you want to have when you return. It is one thing to say “thank you” and another to demonstrate gratitude through your actions. This can be demonstrated through your attitude, what Mr. Arsenault refers to as “get to” instead of “have to”, and often what you do when no one is looking. […]

“Noticing what is going well, and not taking anything for granted, helps me practice gratitude. It helps me stay positive. It also helps motivate to put gratitude into action. So tonight, as you go back to your house on campus or you go home, notice something that you normally take for granted. If you are so moved, acknowledge it and let someone know. And as you approach the final week of the academic year, challenge yourself to put gratitude into action.

“Cherish your friendships. Prepare well for your exams. And enjoy the final days of this school year.”

Underclass Awards Recognitions

Congratulations to the following students that were recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions at New Hampton School. We look forward to their ongoing leadership and growth in the coming years.

IB Diploma Candidate Recognition

The following members of the Class of 2023 completed their first year as IB Diploma Candidates:

Valerie Bader, Joseph Bourbeau, Can-Kent Hammer, Isa Healey, Alex King, Timmy Ly, Nina Morel, Yuya Oshima, and Paul Tang

Proctor Appointments

Abby Tattersall, Alex King, Ava Millerick, Averi Curran, Brenna Young, Cate MacDonald, Chad Leach, DaQuan Hazel, Edie Shaw, Gavin Ouhrabka, Harry Jenkins, Harry Waite, Hayden Weeks, Isa Healey, Jansen Lucas, Jerry Chen, Julia Pellering, Khalil Harden, Maggie Hamill, Matt Babineau, Matteo Vecchione, Mia Mancini, Monty Tucker, Nate Blanchard, Nate Zerrenner, Roni Senusoglu, Scott Lagos, and Tahlia Pena

Honor Board Chair

Isa Healey

International Leaders

Chloe Ba Oumar
Amanda Wei
Jerry Chen
Roni Senusoglu 

Green and White Team Captains

Ryan Greenberg, White Team Captain
Jansen Lucas, Green Team Captain

School and Class Presidents

Joseph Bourbeau, Student Body Co-President
Nina Morel, Student Body Co-President
Julia Pellerin, Senior Class Co-President
Roni Senusoglu, Senior Class Co-President
Ava Millerick, Junior Class Co-President
James Thomson, Junior Class Co-President
Madeline Isabelle, Sophomore Class Co-President
Matteo Vecchione, Sophomore Class Co-President

House Citizens of the Year

Caswell House: Eduardo Garcia Villegas Aguirre
Draper House: Gavin Ouhrabka
Ebbels House: Chucheng Tang
Galletly House: Owen Thornton
Lewis House: Calvert Nolan
Lindsay House: Abby Tattersall
Moore House: Asal Tavakkoli
O’Connor House: Patcha Chanprakone
Phillips House: Dominykas Petkus
Rice House: Eva Adams
Small House: Harry Jenkins
Veazey House: Nate Zerrener

Underclass Award Recipients

Skip Howard Scholar-Athlete: Scott Lagos
Skip Howard Scholar-Athlete: Julia Pellerin
Skip Howard Scholar-Athlete: Catherine MacDonald
President’s Volunteer Service Award: Fred Lybrand, Sydney Marcus, Asal Tavakkoli

The Scientific Inquiry Award: Joseph Bourbeau
Scientific Achievement Award: Jerry Chen
Emerging Writer in History Award: Julia Pellerin
Emerging Contributor in History Award: Averi Curran
Spanish Young Language Award: Taylor Settles
French Young Language Award: Maria Ibarra
Mathematical Communication Award: Yuya Oshima
Mathematics Potential Award: Joseph Bourbeau
Fine Arts Award: MJ Firth
Music Award: Will Bradbury
Theatre Award: Miles Sargent
The Writing Prize: Averi Curran
The Literature Prize: Gus Kusch

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