Ask a Husky: Why Did You Choose New Hampton School?

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When searching for a private school there are many things to consider including art, athletic and academic offerings. And, one of the things we hear most often is how comfortable and welcoming our community felt to students during their brief tour. We chatted with some of our Senior Husky Ambassadors about their choice to come to New Hampton School and what contributed to their decision.

The Perfect Fit

“I was looking for a school that would give an opportunity to play hockey and also to study the International Baccalaureate diploma. I also wanted to go to school that has a good international program and good community. New Hampton School was the perfect fit. It’s an amazing place where you can focus on whatever you want and become the best version of yourself.” —Daniel ’21

Academics, Athletics and IB, Oh my!

“I chose New Hampton School, because it was a school where I was able to connect great education with great athletics. It was also one of not many schools offering the challenge of IB Diploma program, which was an important aspect for me as an international student. I also really liked the close community and how everyone on campus knows everyone. This gave me the certainty, that I will immediately find new friends and find there feeling of my second home.” —Marek ’21

A Whole New World

“I applied to one other school but New Hampton School truly felt like I stepped foot into a different world. The way all students and faculty were so down to earth and genuinely kind made me feel like I was in a place full of support, kindness, and spirit. When sitting in on different classes I loved the fun energy while students learned. The campus was another factor, when I first saw the campus from the big tree I knew this is truly a beautiful place with beautiful people. Overall it was the caring energy that really made me fall in love and ultimately led to one of the best choices I have ever made.” —Haley ’21

A True Community

“I chose New Hampton School over others because the sense of community I felt when taking a tour here was stronger than other schools. I needed the feeling of actually belonging to a community since I’m not the most outgoing person, and it turned out the school was a perfect fit for me. Now that I’m used to New Hampton, I challenge myself by taking hard classes, trying out some new sports I’ve never played before, and I’m really glad that I made a right choice four years ago.” —Taka ’21

Come See For Yourself!

Think you might like New Hampton School too? Fill out our inquiry form and begin learning more about us. After filling out this form, we will connect you with an admission counselor who will help you navigate each step of the application process, including scheduling your very own campus visit. Our Admission Team offers virtual visits as well as on-campus visits on select dates in December and January.

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