Ask a Husky: What Advice Would You Give a Student Thinking About Boarding School?

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Making the decision to attend a boarding school can be scary. For many, it is the first time living away from home, navigating a new group of friends, and taking on more grown-up responsibilities. We asked some of our Senior Husky Ambassadors what advice they would give to other students who are considering boarding school but might be a little hesitant to take the next step.

Set Yourself Up for Success

“I would really recommend this experience, even though it would be something absolutely new. Boarding school will teach you so many new things, which get you ready for your future life. You will find many great friends, who may become your friends for the rest of your life. You will see a completely different attitude of teachers, who are always there for you. Boarding school will make you feel more mature, you will learn to be more independent and grateful for things your parents were doing for you which you might have taken as granted.” — Marek ’21 

Take the Plunge

“As a boarding student, I’ve felt I’ve created bonds that will last a lifetime with guys in my dorm. It’s a testament to how close we are when guys who are from different parts of the US and the world bond together and become brothers. I’ve created a relationship with just about every person I’ve lived with which is a great thing.” — Andrew ’21

 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

“If they are ready to leave home and become more self-sufficient it is a great opportunity. It allows them to expand their knowledge and comfort zone.” — Sera ’21

Learn Something New

“I believe attending boarding school is about becoming independent and learning things you didn’t know. For me, it wasn’t my idea to attend boarding school, but after 3 years I’ve spent here, I do appreciate my mother’s decision to send me here, not any boarding school but New Hampton, because I feel I’ve grown so much mature and the school has opened up my world a lot.” — Taka ’21

Come See For Yourself!

Think you might be up for the challenge? Fill out our inquiry form and begin learning more about New Hampton School. After filling out this form, we will connect you with an admission counselor who will help you navigate each step of the application process, including scheduling your very own campus visit. Our Admission Team offers virtual visits as well as on-campus visits on select dates in December and January.

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