It’s a Great Day To Be A Global Citizen

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With over 30 countries represented, New Hampton School is a global community in central New Hampshire. New Hampton School students build lasting connections that span across the globe during their time here. By graduation, New Hampton Students are global citizens. In addition to our global community on campus, we provide our students with abroad opportunities every year through Project Week. To better understand how students become global citizens on and off-campus, we’ve asked Valerie ’23 and Pierce ’21 to share their experiences.

Meet Valerie ’23

Valerie is a first-year international student from Munich, Germany. This fall, Valerie played tennis and she will be a part of the golf team this spring. Valerie came to New Hampton to be completely immersed in an English-speaking school—and she has done just that! Next year, Valerie will be jumping into our full IB Diploma Programme!

 What has the transition to New Hampton School been like?

All in all, it was a great experience. The New Hampton community is very welcoming and extremely helpful. If you can’t find a class or you need help with your homework, someone is there for you. As an international student, I was scared that I would struggle to participate in class. I quickly realized that my teachers were looking out for me because not only did they want me to succeed but they wanted me to feel comfortable as well. 

As an international student, what is your favorite thing about our community?

I personally love how close the international community is. Thanks to the International Support Program, I was able to connect with fellow international students early on. We talk to each other every day and share stories from home.  Sometimes, we share our most embarrassing grammar or pronunciation mistakes that happen in class and have a good laugh. It is great to connect with fellow international students over our shared experience but I also feel very close to domestic students on campus. Everyone will want to learn about your culture and because the people here are just really nice.

What is your advice to prospective international students?

Do not worry about your transition to campus. Whether you are worried about vocabulary as an international student, or nervous about making friends, this community will support you. If you do feel homesick, you have so many people to lean on whether it is a friend, a teacher, or a house parent. If you are worried about classes, know that teachers will help you to fully understand the material through office hours and study hall.  

Meet Pierce ’21

Pierce is a four-year senior from Martha’s Vineyard and Boston, Massachusetts. During his time on campus, Pierce has been a member of the varsity soccer team and varsity basketball team. He is also one of our Admission Ambassadors.  

What travel opportunities have you had while on campus? 

I’ve had some amazing travel opportunities through Project Week. In my freshman year, I traveled around Peru for 2 weeks. I hiked Machu Picchu, explored the Andes mountains, biked through tiny towns, lived with a family Peruvian family, built a well for a small town, and explored the city in Cusco. Sophomore year I  sailed through the U.S Virgin Islands on a catamaran. I learned about mapping coordinates, working as a team on a ship, and was able to snorkel. Last year, I was supposed to go to the Greek islands and learn about the refugee crisis but, due to the pandemic, we were unable to go. Instead, we traveled to Washington, D.C., and had the opportunity to meet senators and discuss America’s approach to refugees. 

What is your favorite memory from Project Week? 

It’s hard to decide—so I’ll share my top two. The first is stargazing late at night on the sailboat with my friends in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was an unreal moment to share with some of my closest friends. The second would have to be after we finished constructing a well in a small village in Peru. The community was so thankful for the well, they poured glitter on our heads and gave us small treats. I will never forget my time spent with them. 

What does it mean to be a global citizen at New Hampton? 

Being a global citizen is definitely one of my favorite things about being a Husky. To be immersed in a community filled with so many cultures is an invaluable experience. Having friends from all over the world is always interesting because you can compare and contrast cultures and learn about different societies and traditions. Some important news doesn’t reach mainstream American news outlets so hearing about global problems from my friends is always so interesting. Being in a community like this really makes you think big.

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