It’s a Great Day to be Active

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Whether it’s a pilates class in the Wellness Center, a Mountain Biking trip, or joining a new club, New Hampton School students love to be active. Our students have ample opportunity to try a new sport or follow a passion. We have competitive and entry-level athletic teams, as well as intramural sports and fitness-based co-curriculars. To give you a better idea of what being active at New Hampton School looks like, we asked two students to share their experiences.

Meet Jo ’22!

Jo ’22 has been at New Hampton School since she reclassified as a Freshman. In addition to being an admission ambassador, a House Proctor in Rice House, and a full IB student, Jo plays soccer, hockey, and lacrosse. Jo played soccer and hockey before, but picked up lacrosse in her first year here! In her free time, Jo enjoys abstract painting and listening to music with friends.  

 What is your favorite thing about New Hampton School athletics?

My favorite thing is the environment. Every team I’ve been on has been a family. Being on the soccer team my first year here really helped me with my transition to campus. Regardless of the sport, there is infectious energy at every practice and game. This is energy, and camaraderie is something that I never had at my old school. 

As both an athlete and a full IB student, what was the benefit of reclassifying?

There were a few benefits to reclassifying. It gives me another year of high school eligibility which helped with my recruiting process for hockey and gave me the opportunity to develop my skills. As a student, reclassifying was the best move. It gave me four years at New Hampton School–four years to challenge myself in the classroom. I was also able to feel really confident in the classroom before enrolling in the full IB curriculum. Freshman and sophomore year really prepared me to take full advantage of the IB program. 

As a three-sport athlete, what is your recommendation for students as they picture what being active on campus will look like?  

Being active on campus is all about time management. There are many commitments that come with sports and extra workouts, but once you find the right rhythm the pieces fall into place and it becomes second nature. While participating in any co-curricular, whether it’s yoga, soccer, or equestrian, you are going to make tons of friends. The friends you make in your co-curriculars will become your family. 

Meet Cal ’23

Cal ’23 is an avid outdoor enthusiast who brought his longstanding love for the outdoors to New Hampton School his freshman year. Cal, like many of our students, balances his love for sports and his passion for performing arts. He is a guitarist in our Contemporary Performance Lab, a member of our tennis and mountain biking teams, and involved with theater tech. Outside of school, he loves to sail on Cape Cod, play music with different people, and ski. 

What is your favorite part of being on the mountain biking team?   

Because of our smaller size, everyone is able to get individual attention. There is a lot of personal and team growth. Along with that, we act more as a family unit and we have a special relationship with one another. Lastly, I find it amazing we have an awesome, ever-evolving trail system that is just a five-minute bike ride from campus.  

As an alumnus of a junior boarding school, what was your transition to New Hampton School like?  

My transition was seamless. This school has made me feel so welcome. New Hampton School has really taught me how to manage my time better—something I would not do on my own. Along with that, my social skills have improved greatly. There are awesome weekend activities to choose from every week so plenty of opportunities to make new friends. 

What is your advice to students thinking about trying a new activity?   

Please try new things! I have discovered so many new activities at this school and I am a better person because of it. You will be presented with opportunities that you will not find anywhere else–take advantage of them. I have discovered new passions and through these activities, New Hampton School has helped me find out who I am.

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