You Visited a School, Now What?

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With multiple campus visits each day, our Admission Office is heading into its busiest time of year.  This past weekend alone, we welcomed over 50 families join us for our Fall Open House. Families toured our campus, posed questions to our student and faculty panel, participated in mock classes, and met program leaders. Whether you joined us for Open House or have visited campus on a separate occasion, our admission office is thrilled to have met you! Now that you’ve visited campus, what comes next? 

Spending time on campus, taking a tour, and meeting students is the best possible way to get to know if a school will be the right fit for you. And, after you visit, our admission office would love to keep in touch! If you visit campus in October you have a lot of time before applications are due on February 1st. Make the most of this extra time! Staying connected over the application season is a great way to demonstrate your interest in a school. Our admission office has put together the following tips and tricks to keeping in touch with a school after you’ve visited 

Send a Follow-up Message 

Whether via email or snail mail, they will view this as a very personal touch! Sending a thank-you note is an easy way to show that you enjoyed your visit. If you want to go the extra mile, try to mention something that you and your admission counselor talked about during your visit. Maybe it’s a reference to an upcoming game you’ll be attending or a book recommendation you’re going to pursue. Any personalization will go a long way.  

Don’t Hesitate to Reach out with New Questions 

Hopefully, the majority of your questions were answered during your visit, but that doesn’t mean more won’t pop up while you complete your application. Our admission office is happy to help answer any questions that may arise. If you interviewed with one of our admission counselors, use them as a resource! They would love to hear from you again and will be able to answer your questions or help connect you with someone who can. 

Keep your Admission Officer in the Loop 

Did you win most improved player on your sports team? Or start the blog you always dreamed of creating? Send your admission counselor an email telling them about it! Just because the interview is over doesn’t mean you should stop all of your amazing accomplishments. After all, admissions counselors want to get to know you as much as they can during the application process. 

Come to Games and Performances 

In addition to your admission counselor, the program leaders you met during your campus visit are also eager to stay in touch with you. If you are interested in playing a sport or participating in performing arts at New Hampton, join us for a game or performance! Reach out to the program leaders you met during your visit and ask them about any upcoming events. If you can’t make it to a game, utilize NHS live. We livestream the majority of our games from soccer to basketball.  

Keep Up with Campus News 

The best way to stay engaged with any school is to stay up to date with campus news. Follow the school’s youtube channel, Instagram account, and blog to keep up with all of the fun and exciting things that are happening on campus. All of these accounts are featured on the school’s website. Bookmark this site on your internet browser for easy access. Through these accounts, you’ll find student highlights, alumni stories, and recaps of campus traditions.  

Haven’t scheduled a campus visit yet? Start the conversation today! Reach out to our Admission Office, or schedule your campus visit online. Our admission team is eager to get to know prospective students that are eager to learn more about New Hampton.

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