Five Tips to Maximize your Campus Visit

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Choosing an independent school is a big decision to make and it all begins with your school visit. Visiting a school can be intimidating. What questions should you ask? What do you wear? There are so many factors to consider but there is also so much to discover. To alleviate stress, we’ve asked the experts, our Senior Husky Ambassadors, to share a few tips and tricks to maximize your New Hampton School visit.   

Meet your Tour Guides

When you arrive on campus for your tour, you and your family will be matched with a Husky Ambassador. These students act as your tour guides and can help you get the most out of your visit with their student life insight and program knowledge. For this post, our tips come from three experienced guides – Will, Phoebe, and Zola. Let’s meet them!

1. Get to know your Tour Guide

When your tour begins, ask the tour guide to tell you about themselves. Husky Ambassador Will ’20 believes that the more questions you ask your tour guide, the better: 

My tip for a prospective student would be to ask your tour guide as many questions as possible. Ask about what matters to you the most. You want to make sure the school is the right fit for you! Your tour guides will be a very good representation of the school and its community. Get to know them and why they chose New Hampton School. Hopefully, the prospective students can be explaining why they chose New Hampton School one day”.  

Our admission office does its best to pair prospective students with tour guides who share similar interests. If you’re a soccer player coming to campus, you might even have the opportunity to meet Will! 

2. Count smiles

At New Hampton, we prioritize happiness and it shows. When out on tour, take note of how many smiles you see along the way. Paying attention to small details like how students are interacting with one another can make a big difference.

3. Keep an open mind

For many, the idea of going away to boarding school seems crazy. Phoebe ’20 never thought she would find herself at a boarding school, but four years later she is still thrilled about her decision. 

“My advice to someone looking at New Hampton, and even boarding school in general, would be to stay open-minded to the idea and try to picture yourself as a student here. I originally was in no way considering boarding school. My parents basically had to drag me to my tour but as soon as I got here I just had a gut feeling that this was right. I took a chance on that. It was the best decision I could have ever made.” 

There are so many opportunities to discover at New Hampton. Whether it’s a ceramic class or competitive mountain biking there is something here for everyone. Being open-minded on your tour allows you to take stock of any and all future adventures and activities that might be available to you.  

4. Visit the Country Store

Zola ’20 and the rest of Husky Nation all love our Country Store. The space is newly renovated and has become another hang out for students on campus. After your tour, stop in for a cup of coffee and baked goods!  

“The two most important stops on campus are the country store and the school store. Sure, dorms and classrooms are important, but there is nothing better than husky gear and food.”

The country store is a great place to see students hanging out with one another. Grab a bite to eat while you get another snapshot of daily life at New Hampton.

5. Stick around for a game  

Here for a visit on Wednesday morning? Stick around for one of our afternoon games. You might be able to check out a hockey game in the winter, or a softball game in the spring. Regardless of the game, being at a New Hampton sporting event is a great way to see how supportive our community is.  


Come See For Yourself

The best way to learn about a school is to spend time on its campus. With the advice from our Husky Ambassadors in mind, you will be able to make the most of your visit to New Hampton. 

Our Admission Office is looking forward to welcoming prospective students to campus this fall. If you are interested in learning more about New Hampton, fill out our online inquiry form and call to schedule a visit. Phoebe, Will, and the rest of our Husky Ambassadors cannot wait to show you around campus. 

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