New Hampton Husky with Female Athletes

Celebrating and Sharing Opportunity for Girls Through Sports

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New Hampton School has a rich history of athletic performance for both male and female athletes. In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, female athletes and coaches hosted a free multi-sport clinic for girls in grades pre-K through 8 over the weekend. Knowing that sports can push girls and women to achieve excellence and realize their boundless potential, our female community was eager to introduce young girls to some of the reasons we love sports.

New Hampton School Multi-Sport Clinic for Girls
Girls who attended the multi-sport clinic tried out seven different sports in addition to stretching, laughing and playing games.

Sharing Sports through a Free Clinic

More than 30 girls, from as far away as Nashua, New Hampshire attended the clinic. The girls rotated through seven stations hosted primarily by the Varsity Women’s Basketball and Hockey Teams. Stations included basketball, soccer, pickleball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey and ice hockey. More important than the sports sampled was the opportunity for these young girls to engage with positive role models, be active, gain confidence through trying something new and achieve success.

Girls at Multi-Sport Clinic Celebrating
To end a successful multi-sport clinic, participants of all ages high-fived each other and Harry the Husky.

Student Reflections

One member of the Women’s Varsity Hockey Team, Taze Thompson ’20, reflected, “I personally believe playing a sport is important because it teaches you to play for something bigger than yourself. You learn to connect with others, play for others, use others to inspire you to work harder, etc. You get to stay active and healthy while also playing the game you love alongside females who are similar to you. With that, the bonds you make through athletics are relationships that you keep with you forever.”

The clinic was an opportunity for New Hampton School athletes to also think about their role as leaders. They also reflected on what sport has given them and how it can help other young girls. Taze also shared, “It was so fun helping out with the young female athletes and it’s something that I look forward to doing again in the future. Some of the highlights of the event were seeing how all the girls worked together to accomplish something so small (in just 10 minutes) that was asked of them. The excitement and eagerness to win small relay races was awesome to see.”

New Hampton School Pickle Ball
Pickleball, a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis, was a favorite for the girls.

Event Highlights

Participants enjoyed a special visit from New Hampton School’s mascot Harry the Husky. Harry showed the girls how to stretch, cheered them on at various stations, and also introduced some dancing. The recreational sport of pickleball gave them a chance to experience a less traditional sport. The small court and low net were especially fun for the young girls.

Parent Reflections

One parent who attended sent a thank you note to the school. “I hope the NHS staff and students enjoyed it as much as the participants did. Our daughter had a great time, and it was fantastic to see so much female energy and good-natured enthusiasm in the gym!”

Each participant received an NGWSD certificate at the conclusion of the event and ran through a tunnel comprised of enthusiastic NHS student-athletes. We are already planning for next year and hope to include our climbing wall in the upper gym among other new ideas. Many thanks to all who attended. You can view photos from the day on Flickr.

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