Managing Exam Stress: Ways to Keep Calm in the Chaos

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It is that time of year again! The semester is cooling down and stress levels are heating up as students prepare for their mid-year exams. For some students, exams are a breeze and they use the pressure to fuel their learning. For others, the weight of exams is heavy and it inhibits their ability to think clearly. With the goal of combatting exam stress, here are some activities aimed at helping students to relax and find perspective.

1. Explore Nature

Sometimes, you just need some fresh air to help you think. We are lucky to have Burleigh Mountain right in our backyard. So, if you have been sitting at your desk all day and you feel like you need to stretch your legs, then walk the trails and take in the scenery.

2. Check Out Some Art

There is a new featured artist in the Galletly Gallery this month! Portrait photographer Maundy Mitchell has her exhibit, “Life’s Work” on display. If you are interested in art and photography, then give your left brain a rest and take a cruise through the gallery.

3. Have a Laugh

A good movie can transport you. Try something funny that will lighten the mood and get you laughing. A good laugh can actually decrease stress hormones that are peaking during exams!

4. Take a Power Nap

Taking a quick nap while studying can give your brain the rest it needs to help you refresh your frame of mind. You will be surprised how energizing just 5 minutes can be!

5. Give your parents a call

Your parents would love to hear from you. So, if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, a supportive ear to share those feelings with can be helpful.

Exam Week Student-Life Activities

In addition to the suggestions above, the Student-Life Office is constantly thinking of new ways to help students alleviate exam stress during this time of year. With this goal in mind, they have organized several, more structured activities for our students throughout the week.

Exam Bake

Members of the Parents Association have prepared exam snacks for students.

Wednesday, January 22nd 9am – 1pm in the Crum Campus Center

Thursday, January 23rd 9am – 1pm in the Crum Campus Center

Guided Meditation

Faculty member Sara Tyson will lead students in relaxing meditation.

Tuesday, January 21st @ 6:30 PM in the Dance Studio

Wednesday, January 22nd @ 6:30 PM in the Dance Studio

Cuddle with Pets!

Dogs and horses will be on campus for a hug and a snuggle.

Thursday, January 23rd in the Dog Pound


De-Stress Activity Room

Supplies for several de-stressing activities including coloring, bracelet making and Play-dough

Tuesday January 21st – Friday, January 24th


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