3 Reasons Why Philanthropy is Important

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When an organization you know sends you something asking for support, what is the first thing you think? Is it, “of course! I would love to support this organization”, is it “why are they asking me for money? Don’t they have enough?” or is it somewhere in between?

No matter what your initial feeling is, the organization contacting you requires external support. This could be financial support, but it could also be volunteer support. They are asking you because you were once involved with and probably cared about their organization. They are asking you to promote the welfare of others—this is called philanthropy.

So, why is philanthropy important? There are many reasons and here are just a few.

1. It strengthens the community.

By supporting a cause or organization you feel strongly enough to give back to, the community grows stronger, and you grow a stronger connection with the community. A strong connection to the community means you feel a sense of belonging and trust—this can make you healthier!

2. It can make you happy!

Philanthropy doesn’t just improve the lives of the recipients; it satisfies the givers’ human needs as well. The more generous you are, the happier you feel! You can feel this with something even so small as to send someone a handwritten note or buy someone a coffee without expecting anything in return. It doesn’t matter how much you give. You could give $5 or $500,000. You could give 10 minutes or 1,000 hours. The mental benefits are the same.

3. You can provide an opportunity.

Schools are just one example of organizations in need of external funding to support the people and programs needed for students to thrive. The operational budget of a school falls short of the actual cost to run the school, and tuition dollars aren’t enough to cover annual expenses. In addition to covering annual expenses, external funding provides the opportunity for students to attend the school who may not be able to afford tuition. You can help to provide those opportunities.

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Here’s the truth

To recap: being philanthropic by donating your time and/or money can strengthen the community, it can make you happy, and it can provide opportunities for those in need. It benefits all involved in the process.

Do you have an organization that you would love to support but don’t have the financial means for support? Donate your time! If you can’t donate money, many organizations are just as thrilled for you to volunteer your time.

Your philanthropy could start as early as today! New Hampton School will be celebrating its Day of Giving on Tuesday, October 27th. Not only is this a great opportunity to lend your financial support to help us reach our goal of 500 donors in one day, but there are plenty of ways to give of your time. You can like our posts on social media, pick up the phone and call a former classmate to encourage their participation or use this day as a time to reflect and thank the individuals who made a difference in your or your student’s experience at New Hampton School. There is no donation too small.

Get involved

There are countless ways to get involved at New Hampton. Whether an alumnus, parent, or friend, we hope you will consider a volunteer role in a category that best fits your interests and availability. Contact us for more information.

Katie Wardrop
Director of Alumni Relations


Jacqueline Truesdale
Parent Relations Coordinator

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