The Model Husky: Recognizing peers through Husky of the Week

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At New Hampton School, we value all contributions to our community, big or small. Depending on how someone is contributing, we have many forums for recognition and appreciation.  We frequently highlight students of the month in different capacities at school meetings. We also encourage students to recognize their peers through the “shout-out” board or faculty through our student-nominated Faculty of the Month.

A huge part of boarding school is our residential life program and the way that students support one another in their houses. Some of the greatest contributions to our community come in the form of a friendly greeting, a helpful hand or a supporting shoulder. We recognize those contributions through something we call Husky of the Week, nominated weekly in each student house.

Husky of the week
Lindsay House Husky of the Week is…Ally for being there for everyone and being an overall great Husky!

What is Husky of the Week?

Each week, the houses select one student resident that has upheld our community values and is deserving of recognition. They receive a small husky pendant which they will then pass to the next Husky of the Week once awarded. And, an email “shout out” is sent to the entire community for their exemplary behavior. The reasons for their recognition can vary greatly. Some are caught cleaning the common area, or helping out with something even though they weren’t asked. Others might be recognized simply for their energetic attitude or friendly disposition. But, in every instance, the recipient has improved the lives of their housemates for the better.

Husky of the week
“Congrats to Panithan ‘Com’ for earning the first Lewis house Husky of the Week ????????”

What impact does Husky of the Week have on the community?

Scott LeBrun, Director of Student Life was the original creator of Husky of the week and explains that it “was designed to be a student to student recognition for being a good community member in the houses. Often, we as adults, miss the things that happen behind the scenes (for better or worse).  We don’t always see the ways that kids are supporting each other behind closed doors, offering a listening ear, or helping someone with something that is hard for him/her. The most important thing about the Model Husky is that it encourages kids to be looking for the good in others in their house.  Because the current recipient of the recognition needs to pass it on the next week to a deserving member of his house, he/she needs to be looking for good deeds, support, and helpfulness.”

Husky of the week
“Husky of the week goes to Maggie! Make sure to give her a high five when you see her for her friendly face around the dorm, kindness and smile. ????????????”

At New Hampton School we understand that being a good student doesn’t end when the bell rings. Being a good athlete doesn’t quit off the field. And, being a good person is intertwined into every interaction we have, every person we meet and every decision we make.  Kudos to all past, present and future Husky of the Weeks. The New Hampton Community thanks you.

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