Revisit Day Welcome with Joe Williams

Making Critical Decisions; Taking Advantage of the Opportunity to Revisit

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Why Revisit? Some admission officers compare the secondary school decision process for families to the harrowing house-purchasing process or the day-long new car buy. Committing to a secondary school, or an independent school is not insignificant. The educational journey is vital to an individual’s growth and development, and as such, these decisions do not weigh lightly. Revisit Days are an incredible opportunity to kick the tires of your next school; it’s a return to campus with clear intentions. And with boarding school, it is especially important as the choice is much bigger than just your days in the classroom. Boarding school is a lifestyle and an education. Here are a few tips for making your revisit days productive.

Attend a Revisit Day:

Show up. Don’t cancel the second or third Revisit Day because the first school felt good. See it through. Some students don’t take the vital step to go to Revisit Day and get that final test drive. The more information you have going into the April 10th day, the better equipped you will be to make the right call.

Pay Attention to Details:

Did the school think about your interests and needs when pairing you up with a host? Was the day well-organized? Did the admission staff or a program leader remember you from the visit? If the details are accounted for on Revisit Day, there is a good chance the school will support you and provide you with a wonderful school experience.

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Picture yourself:

As you walk through the day, take some time to imagine yourself as a student at the School, heading to classes, sharing meals in the Dining Hall, and hanging out in the physical spaces in which you will spend time. Does it feel right? Does it click?

Ask Questions:

There may be nerves, but there is nothing to worry about this time around. In the quest to make sure it’s the right fit, ask the questions you have as a student or parent. Are kids happy here? When students do struggle, what are the supports in place and how do students bounce back? What will I have when I graduate from this school that I might not get somewhere else?

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How do students interact with faculty? Is it an “us vs. we” mentality, or are students and teachers working in harmony and alongside each other in a healthy way? The authentic conversations you hear will be a reflection of the energy of the school.


Do you see a diverse, engaged and spirited student body that is excited to welcome you? Or are visitors an inconvenience to the daily routine? As much as you will be trying to get a feel for the current students, try to make some connections with the other prospective students that are visiting. Can you see yourself living across the hall, singing together on stage, or competing together?

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Pay Attention to the Leadership:

What is the Head of School saying? The leader of an independent school drives the vision and ensures the mission remains front and center. What kind of interaction does this leader have with students? How does he listen to their voices? What do the next four years look like in the life of the school?

Go With Your Gut:

After your final goodbyes and the last questions, take some time as you settle in for the car ride home. Without the noise of the day or even feedback from parents, take a gut check and consider what your emotions and heart are saying. That might just take you down the optimal path for success. In the end, what do you feel as you drive away?

We look forward to welcoming our accepted students to campus on Wednesday, April 3 or Saturday, April 6.

Haven’t registered yet? Visit the Revisit Day page for more information and registration.

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