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Husky Nation in December; When Winter Arrives Early

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Winter arrived early to Husky Nation this year. While we’ve all had to make some adjustments, we’re reminded of the culture and character that help us embrace the winter months. Now blanketed in snow, we continue to be reminded of our beautiful setting in central New Hampshire by sunny skies and fresh air. Here are a few scenes from the past few days.

New Hampton Physics Egg Drop
Students in Kim Duncan’s physics class added bright colors to the winter white with balloon for their egg-drop experiment.

Bright Colors on Winter White

Even when the air is brisk and dry, we can still step outside the classroom for a fun project-based lesson. This week, Kim Duncan’s physics class designed balloon floats to aid them in their egg-drop experiment. They tested their science off the rear deck of the Academic Research Center to see who could most gently get their egg to the ground.

New Hampton Winter Campus
The memorable path across the fields between student center and residence houses takes shape each winter as the snow arrives.

Shared Paths

Even in the snow, student love the most direct route to and from their campus houses to our student center. For years, students have enjoyed the views and built grit and character as they make their daily trek through the snow. The frequented path of footprints connects generations of students, renewed  each year as winter comes to campus.

New Hampton Country Store Study Session
The Country Store is a favorite spot for breaks and study sessions with friends between classes.

Study Breaks at the Country Store

The enlivened Country Store has quickly become a campus favorite. Across Main Street from Academic Row, the Country Store recalls small town feel and comforting treats. Whether between classes for a quick snack, or during a free block for warm drinks and a study session, students love dropping into the Country Store.

Once known as Albee’s by an earlier generation of students, today’s menu is fresh, local, and balances go-to treats with variety. Be sure to visit the next time you’re on campus.

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