How To Be A Thriving Husky In The Winter

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New England offers beauty and fun in all four seasons. However, there are some days in the height of the winter season when the short days and chilly temps can have us feeling less than our best. These reminders from the New Hampton School Counseling office offer helpful tips to enjoy and make the most of this snowy season.

1. Get Hygge With It

A Danish term that is pronounced “hoo-ga” and essentially means “cozy contentment.” Hygge encompasses a lifestyle of cozying up with people and things that make us happy. Find your hygge this winter with cozy clothes, warming foods and drinks, soothing decor, and calming activities with friends.

2. Be Outdoorsy

So many fantastic activities can only be appreciated in winter! Don’t let the cold deter you. With the proper gear and layering, you can be warm and comfortable in all conditions. Try a new activity like snowshoeing, sledding, skating, skiing, or stargazing. The list goes on and on! Get started out on New Hampton’s epic sledding hill!

3. Look Forward

Focusing on things to look forward to increases optimism, motivation, and creates an overall more positive mindset. Take time to get excited about upcoming events, vacations, seeing loved ones, a package coming in the mail, or an anticipated accomplishment. Build in simple things to look forward to and create reminders of what is to come by keeping a journal or calendar.

4. Get Your Vitamin D

We naturally absorb most of our vitamin D from sunlight which can be difficult during winter in New Hampshire, as daylight is almost six hours less than in the summer! Get outside in the sun by doing something as simple as taking a walk. Make sure to eat vitamin D rich foods like fish, eggs, fortified dairy, and cereal. Low vitamin D levels can impact your immune system, mood, sleep, and energy levels. Check with your doctor if you are concerned, and they may prescribe vitamin D supplements.

5.  Find Your Groove

We humans tend to thrive with basic routines and our biochemistry depends on certain regularity. Routines are especially helpful for sleep and we can maintain this by going to bed and waking up at the same time, stopping screen time an hour before bed, having a wind-down routine, and a waking up routine. Regularity is also helpful to have for things like diet, exercise, and studying.


Reach Out

If you are feeling overwhelmed at anytime, help is available and you deserve to be happy. Reach out to a New Hampton School Counselor to make an appointment, or stop by the Health Center.

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