Head Reflections: Good to the Core

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As we settle into our year, enjoying some of our time-honored traditions, such as Founder’s Day, Grandparents Day, Foliage Day, I am reminded of the purposeful work we undertake to build what we hold as one of our most special traits, community.

New Hampton School is comprised of individuals from around the country and the world. I use the word individual intentionally. We ask our students and employees to bring their unique qualities, interests, and passions to our community as it is through our differences, not similarities, that we expand our knowledge and experiences which can ultimately shape pursuits, be that in college or beyond.

Two high school girls standing underneath a grouping of birch trees with green leaves

Recognizing the unique backgrounds and experiences that individuals bring to our campus each year, how do we become a community that is aligned in its purpose while supporting difference?

A strong foundation.

In a complex community such as ours, Core Values provide an understandable foundation upon which everything else we do is built. At New Hampton School, each student and employee know that Respect and Responsibility represent the fundamental values of this shared living and learning community. We spend time during orientation to help new members of the community reflect on what these words mean and how they guide our behavioral expectations.

Core Value: Respect

Respect for self, others, and New Hampton School.

  • Work to our potential and make sound, healthy decisions.
  • Empathize with others–exercise kindness and compassion and celebrate differences as strengths.
  • Care for our campus home and steward the School’s legacy.

Core Value: Responsibility

Responsibility to evolve, make positive decisions, and contribute.

  • Grow every day and take full advantage of the many resources available.
  • Practice honesty and integrity in all matters.
  • Contribute to a strong campus community and positively impact the world beyond.

Finding meaning in Respect and Responsibility.

For me, it means encouraging students to come to New Hampton with individual goals and pursuits, that they break down and refine with their advisor to determine the daily steps and mindsets needed for achievement. In doing so, the student develops a plan that respects the opportunity for growth and allows their trusted adult to hold them responsible, in agreed-upon ways, to do the work the student has stated they wish to do.

two high school boys helping spread mulch with a yellow wheel barrow

Students helped local community members during the service learning portion of Founder’s Day 2021.

Core Values help the student understand their responsibility to the community and to be respectful of others. Yes, we want you to come to New Hampton School with personal goals and ambitions, but that is not enough. Each community member knows they are also here to support classmates and friends whose goals and interests may be different than theirs–cheer on another team, attend a gallery opening or play, spend time in our innovation lab, join a club, or try a new weekend activity.

To get the most out of the Husky Nation experience, one must step out of their lane from time to time to try something new and meet new people, guided each day by our core values: respect and responsibility.

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