The Country Store, formerly known as Albee's, re-opens after renovations in September 2018.

The Country Store; a Fresh Face for Gathering

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The Country Store, located on Main Street in New Hampton, has been a fixture in the lives of students and the community for many years. Known as Albee’s to a vibrant group of New Hampton School alumni, the stories of sweet treats, salty snacks, warm drinks and hanging out with friends abound when the store comes up in conversation.

Big changes hit our shop on this fall as the Country Store was renovated, redesigned and replenished with offerings that meet the requests of today’s students and community. The store’s new vibe is a modern coffeehouse atmosphere, complete with stylish furnishings, décor, and comfy corners.

Students are excited to spend time at the refurbished Country Store, one known to the community as Albee’s.

For the Students

In addition to popular ice cream, soda and novelty offerings of the past, the Country Store has updated their menu with students in mind. Delicious homemade food and signature sandwiches are complemented by a wide range of local vendor offerings. Students love to drop in before classes, during a free block, or to change up their lunch routine. The store offers an off-campus feel with on-campus accessibility.

With food selection and management from Tamara Mann, we've brought new food selection and surprises to the the store.
With food selection and management from Tamara Mann, we’ve brought new food selection and surprises to the the store.

Supporting Local

Tamara Mann, Director of Retail Food Operations, shared with us that, “We are focusing on bringing in local and regional food and snacks, supporting small businesses that are creating deliciously crafted food. There are many new items including dumplings from Boston, homemade soups and stews, sesame noodles, fruit and yogurt parfaits, New Hampshire made granola, small batch caramels from Boston, and much more.” Local favorite Brother’s Donuts and Woodshed Roasters Nitro Cold Brew on tap are well enjoyed options each day. Tamara also loves to share new treats and options with students on social media. She is always excited to see who will be the first to drop in and try them out!

Country Store on Main Street New Hampton
The Country Store has been a feature of New Hampton School and the town for many years.

The Country Store originally opened in 1850, always a part of New Hampton student’s lives. The store itself was privately owned for most of its history. The last owners of the well-loved store, John and Gloria, approached the school to sell it several years back; and, so, the tradition of providing to our students and the community continues. Pictures of the updates are on Flickr, and we hope you will stop by the next time you are near campus!

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    Scott Piehler

    But what about the back of the old place? Many an an hour and many a quarter spent there from 78-'82 mastering pinball!

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