New Hampton School Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving; New Hampton Style

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Before wrapping up break, students and faculty gathered for one last dinner together. With some students departing early due to a wintery forecast, everyone remaining on campus gathered together including students, faculty, and their families.

New Hampton School Friendsgiving in Memorial Dining Hall
New Hampton School students, faculty and their families gathered for Friendsgiving in Memorial Dining Hall.

Friendsgiving Community Dinner

Friendsgiving was a family style dinner in Memorial Dining Hall. Students sat with their advisory and made room for additional friends so that every table was full.

Friendsgiving Thank You
Each table at Friendsgiving wrote thank you notes to a faculty or friend they were grateful for.


As a reminder of the importance of the upcoming holiday, and in order to take some time reflecting on our community, each table was set with a card and pen. Over dinner, students took time to write notes and share their gratitude for other individuals in our community.

Thank you notes.
Some thank you notes at Friendsgiving were distributed on the spot, like this one to Director of Studies Mr. Fisk!

Thank You Faculty

Most of the notes were written to a member of our faculty. There is much that we are grateful for within our community, but students are right to take a moment and say thank you to the teachers that work around the clock to support our school. Whether in the classrooms, houses, studios or on the fields, court and ice, our faculty love what they do and they are dedicated to the education and success of their students.

Community Dinner Friendsgiving
After a great dinner with our New Hampton community, students are eager for a week away and time with their own families.

Happy Thanksgiving

We eat many meals in Memorial Dining Hall, but the family style of Friendsgiving and most of our community dinners, helps us slow down and enjoy on another’s company. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it seems appropriate to kick off the holiday with our close friends, trusted mentors and teachers, and also share our gratitude for Husky Nation.

Happy Thanksgiving from New Hampton School.

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