Meet Your New Student Body Co-Presidents

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Each spring, before departing for summer break, New Hampton School students select representatives for a variety of student leadership positions throughout the community. Among these elected positions are the members of the student council, which include two representatives from each class. Leading this group, as well as the entire pack of 340+ Huskies on campus, are the 2020-2021 Student Body Co-Presidents. Their position comes with a great deal of responsibility from leading weekly school meetings, organizing student activities, and providing an empathetic ear to students of all classes. They are, some might say, “The Big Cheese.” Here is a bit more about them.

Student Body Co-Presidents, Emma Robertson ’21 and Cam Devlin ’21

What was the highlight of your summer?

EMMA: “The highlight of my summer has been spending time with my family, hiking and swimming as well as playing hockey with my friends.”

CAM: “The highlight of my summer has been teaching archery and cooking at my parent’s rustic restore in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. It has been great to meet new people, be outdoors, and learn new skills.”

What is your favorite dining hall meal?

EMMA: “My favorite dining hall meal is ‪Sunday brunch‬!”

CAM: “My favorite dining hall meal is biscuits and gravy by far, I always make sure to make it to those breakfasts.”

What are you most excited about this upcoming year?

EMMA: “I’m most excited about getting back to campus, the field, and the ice, and also catching up with my friends again after this long break from each other.”

CAM: “Im excited to experience NHS in a new way and to see how our community comes together in a time of so much uncertainty. I feel like because of how close we will all be that NHS will have more school spirit and energy than ever.”

What legacy do you want to leave at New Hampton?

EMMA: “I want to leave a legacy at New Hampton of making NHS a happier and more spirited community then when I started.”

CAM: “I want to be remembered as someone who never complained about a problem but rather looked for a solution.”

What qualities do you most respect about your Co-President, and why do you think they will be one of the best Presidents yet?

EMMA: “Cam has incredible ability to connect with other people and is the heart of husky culture.”

CAM: “Emma is extremely selfless and always looks to include others which allows her to connect with many different people.  Because of her outgoing nature, she will be able to greatly boost school spirit all throughout campus.  I have no doubt that Emma will go down as one of the greats.”

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