January Spotlights; Honoring Achievements

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Every month our community honors members for their strengths in the arts, athletics, and other recognitions. Each community member shines in their own way as they support our school, classes, and teams. Please join us in congratulating the following students and faculty in these January spotlights.

Student of the Month – Taka Suzuki

The Habit of Mind for the months of January is: Creating, Imagining, Innovating. This person conceives solutions differently. They examine alternative possibilities from many angles. And they take healthy risks and push boundaries.

New Hampton School is proud to recognize Takamitsu Suzuki. Taka is willing to consider solutions to problems with imagination and creativity. Taka is also willing to try approaches that at surface value might seem too simple or too complicated. His ability to connect dots between concepts and predict patterns in the future is so impressive and an inspiration to his classmates. 

Artist of the Month – Ben Fridlington

The January Artist of the month goes to Benjamin Fridlington. I have had the pleasure of having Ben in both Contemporary Performance Lab and Recording Techniques. Ben is a super creative young man who is rapidly developing his skills in the field of electronic music.

Ben is also a kind, caring, and motivated student. He is always willing to help in any capacity including most recently helping me move the Grand Piano back to the music room this week after our recital.

Contemporary Performance Lab just spent a few days recording their new song at the Noise Floor Studios in Dover, NH. Ben was solid throughout this experience as he played very well for it being his first recording session. He demonstrated a natural curiosity and gleamed all that he could from our sound engineer. Ben will help share out our new song at the end of the Month for the next Artist Spotlight.

Writer of the Month – Alden Truesdale

The January Writer of the Month goes to a freshman for her creative writing assignment titled “Eve” in Mr. Driscoll’s Introduction to Literature & Composition Honors class. In an assignment requiring the use of flashback, this student demonstrated both an awareness of the technique and an impressive ability to wield it in her writing. Her story used evocative details to portray not only her titular character but the fictional world in which the narrative was set. Her distinctive word choice captured elements of the ethereal, as well as mystery, and played no small role in earning Alden Truesdale the writer of the month.

January spotlights include student athletes, artists, writers, and more.

Female Athlete of the Month – Molly Coyle

The January Female Athlete of the Month is a member of the Alpine ski team. Though she is a new member of the team, she makes a big impact each day whether in practice or in competition. She may have an unassuming smile on her face but she always ready to race hard. She has come in first place in every single race we’ve had which is a true testament to her excellence. She is a competitor—any time, any place, any event, any conditions. We are so happy and proud to have such a positive attitude and hard worker on the Alpine team. The January female athlete of the month goes to Molly Coyle.

Male Athlete of the Month – Alex Karaban

The January male athlete of the month goes to a member of the Men’s Varsity A Basketball team. This player has played a huge role all season long, averaging 19.7 points per game, 2.4 assists per game, while grabbing 9.4 rebounds per game. Being a sophomore and putting up these numbers in our league is something very few have done in recent years. His biggest improvements have come on the defensive end, where he is battling stronger and older players and has become a vocal leader on that end of the floor. He is a true competitor that comes into the gym every day looking to get better. The January Male Athlete of the month goes to Alex Karaban.

Staff of the Month – Health Center Team

The focus word for the Faculty and Staff of the Month awards for January was “Caring.” As always, it was not an easy decision because of how caring everyone is at New Hampton. Because of this, the awards this month are going to multiple people. The Staff of the Month award is going to all of the nurses at the Health Center for taking good care of the students during the massive flu season. The care that each nurse gave to each student was extraordinary. We all very much appreciate the attention you give to us every day and this is why the award fits you all perfectly.

Faculty of the Month – Ms. Pechenick & Dr. Duncan

Student Council could not narrow down this award to one faculty member, so we have two Faculty of the Month for January. The first award winner never fails to make students feel welcome. She tried to build connections with her students inside and outside of the classroom and helps make OC feel more like home. She truly makes out school a better place and embodies the caring and compassionate qualities of a New Hampton teacher. Congratulations to Ms. Pechenick.

Our student council takes time each month to decide on a faculty and staff member to recognize as part of January Spotlights.

The second Faculty of the Month award goes to a faculty member who is one of the most dedicated and driven individuals on this campus. She is repeatedly found in the classroom assistant students whether it is during long weekend, study hall, or free blocks. She teaches three different subjects in three different rooms while always controlling the chaos and managing to tackle the challenges that come with her schedule. Additionally, this teacher builds strong personal connections with her students and shows a fair share of humility and personality. Congratulations to Dr. Duncan.

This January Spotlight also includes the winners of the Scholastic Art Awards.

Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire

Earlier this year, we shared the news that 23 of New Hampton School’s talented student-artists received recognition in the Scholastic Art Awards. Following a ceremony on February 16, we are also pleased to share that Candice Guo ’20 also received a Best in Show honor for her photography piece Warmth in Winter. This week at school meeting, the students were honored formally before their peers. Please join us in celebrating these students for their contributions to the arts.

2020 Gold Key Awards

Xiaoyue Guo – Photography: “Warmth in Winter”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Aesthetic Disorganization in the Azores”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Mt. Cardigan”
Tristan MacDonald – Design: “Fossil Folly”
Marcus Chan – Photography: “The Ghost of Mine”
Cathy Li – Ceramics & Glass: “Bridge”
Aaron Liu – Digital Art: “Dreamlover”
Emma Yao – Printmaking: “Suicide Awareness”
Sarah LaCroix – Ceramics & Glass: “Organic Vase”

2020 Silver Key Awards

Zola Braswell – Ceramics & Glass: “Squidward’s Vacation Home”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Becoming One with the Island Cows”
Phoebe Kahn – Ceramics & Glass: “Midnight Skyscraper”
Makoto Komine – Mixed Media: “Onagadori Tessellation (neon)”
Makoto Komine – Drawing & Illustration: “Friend mon”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Split Rock”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Osprey Spring”
Tristan MacDonald – Printmaking: “A Tree for All Seasons”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “Forest Pond”
Polina Ostrovskaya – Drawing & Illustration: “Legs”
Will Wood – Photography: “Dragon Eye”
Ellie Beaudet – Ceramics & Glass: “Beach Bottle”
Marcus Chan – Photography: “Space boy”
Jenna Eisenmann – Photography: “Through the Wire”
Cathy Li – Ceramics & Glass: “Pose”
Zhimeng Liu – Photography: “Chengdu Through My Eye”
Emma Yao – Photography: “Self portrait: fragments”
Bill Dang – Digital Art: “Distortion of Worlds”

2020 Honorable Mentions

Noah Bolduc – Ceramics & Glass: “Barn in Decay”
Zola Braswell – Ceramics & Glass: “Polka Dot Clown Bowls”
Xiaoyue Guo – Photography: “Overwhelming”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Slack Tide”
Jack Hurley – Photography: “Imposing Design”
Phoebe Kahn – Portfolio: “Morocco Experience”
Phoebe Kahn – Photography: “Winter Latte”
Phoebe Kahn – Photography: “Black and White Palm Trees”
Phoebe Kahn – Ceramics & Glass: “Minimalist Tea Cups”
Phoebe Kahn – Ceramics & Glass: “Sea Pitcher”
Makoto Komine – Sculpture: “Orochi”
Makoto Komine – Printmaking: “Styrofoam Printmaking 01”
Tristan MacDonald – Painting: “The Road Home”
Tristan MacDonald – Portfolio: “A Window to the World”
Polina Ostrovskaya – Photography: “Quincy”
Will Wood – Portfolio: “Life in Scrabble”
Marcus Chan – Digital Art: “I Am Driving Myself Crazy”
Zhimeng Liu – Jewelry: “Fragile”
Zhimeng Liu – Ceramics & Glass: “Nike Air Jordan 1 Off White”
Callie McLaughlin – Sculpture: “The World Through a Lens”
Declan Coyne – Drawing & Illustration: “Mountain Land Scape”
Kyle Hicks – Printmaking: “Jersey Portrait”
Kelin Jeffreys – Design: “Ghost Book Cover”
Emmett Shea – Ceramics & Glass: “The Midnight Vase”

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