Best of the Blog: NHS Today in 2020-2021

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The stories on NHS Today share tales from academics, alumni, athletics, history, and the arts; in short, it aims to inform and celebrate many areas of school life to appeal to students, parents, alumni, and friends. From reflections of our Head of School to New Hampton history, the reporting includes more than just awards and ceremonies. Since last July, we witnessed reviving interest in a former head of school, looks back at changes and traditions, and much more not included here including numerous history pieces in celebration of New Hampton School’s Bicentennial. We hope you enjoy this roundup—the best of the blog.


On Our Shelves: The Tradition of the All-School Read

Last summer, we explored the tradition of the all-school read at New Hampton School. This unifying experience for our community often leads to great discussions and reflections, regardless of whether it is being experienced by a student, parent, faculty, or staff members. The blog covers the past decade and is a great review of relevant topics that we still explore.

Curious about this year’s read? We’re tackling David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell before the academic year starts in September!


Acknowledging Discrimination: A Course to Listen, Learn, and Grow

Last year saw the launch of a new course at New Hampton School, Acknowledging Discrimination. A year later, the power of this coursework still amazes us as it sought to empower students to recognize and confront discrimination, racism, and sexism. Based on the vision of Autumn James ’21, and through the collaborative effort with a faculty member, the ideas for this class came to life to directly address the prevalence of discrimination in our world. This article on NHS Today received popularity in the late summer as students signed up for courses and sought more information on the seminar-style course. We’re excited to see this course continue again in fall 2021!


Parents in the House: Meet the House Heads

House Heads at New Hampton School offer leadership to other house parents, proctors, and residents. They support programming for residential life, supervision, and guidance, as well as nurturing a sense of community within the house. This three-part blog series aimed to help new families “meet” the House Heads while also giving a glimpse into residential life at the school.


The Legacy Before Us: Day of Giving Revives the Story of an Icon

Every day, Oluchi ‘23 walks to and from her dorm, passing the baseball diamond and sometimes taking notice of the small dugout that rests there. It isn’t one of the grand brick structures that stands guard on Academic Row, but its meaning for many is just as grand. A small sign hangs from this modest structure; it reads Gnerre Field. This name brought together two New Hampton School students—previously separated by decades—on New Hampton School’s Day of Giving. Here is their story.


Safety Should Be Simple: Marcel Johnson ’15 Explores Accessibility in New Start-Up

Late last year, we spoke with alumnus Marcel Johnson ’15 about a new start-up aimed at safety resources. Recognizing a need for accessibility for all and simplifying the search was a founding principle of a new start-up led by the creative team of Diall app. Several months later, the app continues to grow in many ways, and this story resonated with many of our alumni both in terms of its entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of wellness services.


Decade in Review: Celebrating the Start of 2021 with Reflection

Amidst the long winter months and the optimism of a new year, we sought inspiration in our school’s modern history to share a small selection of the many significant changes at New Hampton School.


Head Reflections: A Month of Change

Released only weeks ago, this Head Reflection gained a lot of interest as it focused on “a month of change.” Campus changes, popular or not, always offer a fun insight into what is happening right here, right now. We’re excited to see the changes that await our students and families when they return in just eight weeks!

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